Institute of Psychosis Therapy ("Institut for Psykoseterapi") is a danish institute dedicated to providing psychotherapy training at a specialist level for psychologists, doctors and other health professionals with an interest in psychotherapy with people suffering from psychosis or severe personality disorders.

Psychotherapeutic treatment of severe mental disorders requires specific knowledge of psychotherapeutic theory and method. The psychotherapeutic techniques and the therapeutic boundaries differs in a number of ways from psychotherapy with other patient caregories, and requires specific knowledge and understanding of the exceptional topics and extraordinary experiences that is often caused by psychotic states.

The Institute's theoretical orientation is psychodynamic including modern attachment theory and developmental psychopathology. However, since the training programme emphasises a flexible therapeutic practice, other theoretical and methodological perspectives are also included.

Institute og Psychosis Therapy is a professional non-profit organization whose goal is to disseminate knowledge of psychological treatment of serious mental disorders, and to contribute to a high professional level in this treatment.

The latest two-year psychotherapy course was completed in May 2024. Our next two-year course begins in January 2025.

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