Institute of Psychosis Therapy provides a 2-year course in psychotherapy with patients suffering from psychosis or severe personality disorders. The course is intended for psychologists, doctors and other health professionals with an interest in psychotherapy with serious mental disorders. 

It is an advanced-level course meeting the standards required by The Danish Psychologist Association and the Danish Psychiatric Society in relation to specialist training courses in psychotherapy. The education is theoretically and therapeutically based on modern approaches in psychodynamic theory and methodology.

The course comprises 18 sessions consisting of lectures, discussions of theoretical literature, practical exercises and supervision. Each session takes place one weekend a month, Friday from 2 pm to 7 pm and Saturday from 9 am to 2.30 pm in Copenhagen. 

The full two-year course comprises a total of 90 hours of teaching in theory and methodology (including practical exercises) and 72 hours of supervision. 

Additional supervision hours are available for doctors who whish to meet the Danish Psychiatric Society's requirements for specialist training in psychotherapy (extra fee will be charged). 

A limited number of health professionals other than psychologists and doctors can attend the course if they practice psychotherapy with people suffering from psychosis or severe personality disorders.

The teaching-language is Danish / Scandinavian, but a number of lectures will be in English. Most of the mandatory literature is in English. 

The course as second theoretical approach
For psychologists who want to attend the program to meet The Danish Psychologist Association's requirements for education in theory and methodology within a different theoretical frame than their primary psychotherapeutic orientation, it is possible to register for the first 6 sessions only. This briefer part of the course comprises 30 hours of theory and methology and 24 hours of supervision. The number of seats depends on the number of participants in the full course.  

Associated teachers and supervisors
Professor, MD Bent Rosenbaum and M.Sc. in Psychology, specialist and supervisor in psychotherapy Ulla Østergaard are the education leaders of the institute. They are both present at every session throughout the course, facilitating presentations and subesequent discussions as well as literature discussions and exercises.

The institute supervisors are Psychological Specialist, M.Sc. in Psychology, Ph.D. Maja Zandersen, Psychological Specialist, M.Sc. in Psychology Mette Gravesen-Jensen and M.Sc. in Psychology Rikke Dissing Andersen, each conducting a supervision group. 

The lecturers are Danish and international specialists in the field of psychotherapy, psychosis and personality disorders. 

Program for the 2022-2024 course is available from the menu Undervisningsprogram.

The next course is expected to begin in Autumn 2024.